Getting more people to sign-up

This post is totally unrelated to the app, but it’s worth mentioning here. The sign-up button on your landing page (Page that visitors land on) is probably the most important item on your landing page. It’s responsible for getting people to click and sign-up for your app.

In the past, style was a top-priority of mine. So plain old html buttons just didn’t cut it. I created nice buttons in Photoshop that looked like this.

The problem is that image buttons are a pain in the ass to update on the fly. I’m constantly updating the button test to test different messages. For instance, “Free  Trial” isn’t as effective as “Try Us For Free”. But I’m constantly updating the text to see if it leads to more sign-ups.

It never occurred to me that I should be using CSS to style my Call-to-Action button. We were already using it in our app. This morning, I copied over the css to our main site and this is the result.

They look almost identical. The advantage of the CSS button is that I can now change “Try Us For Free >” without having to edit the image. Instead of opening Photoshop, updating the text, saving the .psd, exporting it to .png, uploading it to the web server, updating the html to point to the new image……I can now just open up the HTML file and update the text.

Why is this so important? Because it allows me to quickly update and test different messages on the button. I spend most of my day figuring out how to get more people to sign-up for Mhelpdesk. This little change is going to greatly improve my sign-up rate, because I’ll be more inclined to split-test different messages now.

Day icon 2 years ago